• Women in Procurement
    Specialists in business procurement optimisation

    Outsourced Procurement

    Outsourced Procurement: Streamlining Supply Chain Management for Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings
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  • Venture development and supplier development
    Our passion is to co-create global businesses

    ESD Specialists

    Our team have over 50 years of experience in the global expansion of small businesses
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  • Tendering and procurement platform
    Streamline your procurement operations with a

    Tendering Platform

    Modernized Tender Management through an intelligent, highly automated, and workflow-driven Digital Platform
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what we do

Welcome to our Procurement and
ESD Consulting Agency

We address business challenges, adopt a consultative approach for each client interaction, and identify practical solutions that assist your company in attaining optimal business results. We understand the significance of providing exceptional customer service and we empower your organization to surpass customer expectations.
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What We Do

Procurement Consulting

How do we add value to your bottom line

Procurement Consulting

How do we add value to your bottom line

Enterprise Supplier Development

Think Local, Grow Global

ESD Specialist Services

Think Local, Grow Global

Tender Management

An innovative, automated tendering system

Tender Management

An innovative, automated tendering system
How We Work

Our team of global specialists at your service


Operational Analysis

Analysing the performance and effectiveness of existing systems and processes in order to improve efficiency and productivity


Strategic Refinement

Evaluating the effectiveness of the current strategy, and making adjustments to ensure that the company is positioned to achieve its goals


Accelerated Performance

Our strategic implementations improve the efficiency and system effectiveness, reduce costs and increase productivity of your business

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Over 80 Years of Experience
in procurement and business expansion expansion services

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Procurement consulting can be a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you are looking to improve your supply chain management, reduce costs, or increase efficiency, procurement consultants can help you achieve your objectives. They can provide guidance on how to negotiate favorable terms with suppliers, how to streamline your sourcing processes, and how to manage relationships with vendor.

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Why use technology for your procurement.

Is it worth losing a R740m deal due to inefficient business practices?

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