Contract Management
Streamline processes, reduce risk, and maximize deal value

Manage complicated enterprise-wide contract lifecycles to mitigate risk, reduce friction, and empower business at scale Conga Contract

Conga Contract Lifecycle Management (Conga CLM) is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution built to automate highly complex contracting processes that span geographies, multiple departments, and both buy and sell-side contracts. It empowers everyone involved in the contracting process, increases contract visibility, and enforces compliance to mitigate risk.

Conga CLM handles the most complex processes and stands out when challenged by complexity. If the contract lifecycle has various workflows with several reviewers, contains highly amended contracts, or needs input from multiple people in several departments,Conga CLM is the right fit. Conga’s suite of products unifies the entire revenue operations lifecycle. As an extension of your familiar Salesforce user experience, user adoption is quick and keeps you with one system of record.

Conga CLM has the features you need to streamline contracting from start to finish.

Take control of creating, negotiating, and executing your contracts for faster cycles.

360-degree view of the entire contract cycle, including negotiations, emails, documents, and more.

Manage the entire contract lifecycle without leaving the tools you use every day, like Microsoft Office and your CRM.

Collaborate online with any approved individual who can securely comment and redline an agreement in real time.

Changes in contracts are reflected across all agreements regardless of source.

Get notifications for key events and dates throughout the contract lifecycle.

Get visibility into renewals, expirations, cycle times, compliance, and risks.